Ironman races are so all consuming, that you can really lose focus of anything else that comes after the event. I knew that I had a full schedule after on 20 July, but I wasn’t really prepared for what’s coming up in Sept:

Sept 5-7 – Ironman Wisconsin (Volunteer & Sign up to race 2009)
Sept 13-14 – Nations Tri (Olympic tri)
Sept 20-21 – Westchester Tri (USAT Officials clinic)
Sept 27-28 – MS-150 City to Shore (8th consecutive year!)
Oct 4-5 – Bassman Tri (USAT Officiating)

August isn’t much better, but the only athletic activity that I’m 100% committed to is the Farm Ride with Weazer. That will be a nice, fun, relaxing ride!

At one time I considered doing both the 24hrs of Great Glen and the 24hrs of Allamuchy in August, but I’m 99% sure that I’m going to skip both of them. Instead I think that I’ll do some open water swim races:

Aug 9th – Mid-Summer Ocean Swim
Aug 16th – Lavallette Beach Patrol Swim
Aug 24th – Manasquan Ocean Swim

That should make a very full summer! I guess the yard isn’t going to be all that nice looking this year!