Been really busy lately. Started a new role as the cross-organizational CISO. This gets me out of the madness of the safety organization, and allows me to craft strategy and influence IT direction. Good news.

My Aunt passed away this week, after a long battle with pulmonary fibrosis. The family is having a memorial service for her today in Florida, then another one in Minnesota with all the rest of the family and friends. We’ll probably go up to MN for the 2nd service. I have very fond memories of summers with my aunt & uncle and cousins in SoCal and MN. And my aunt & uncles marriage is a testament to love and longevity celebrating over 50 anniversaries.

Sheldon Brown also passed away this week. It’s been covered in a lot of other blogs & web sites, but Sheldon’s encyclopedic knowledge of bicycle mechanics, ability to explain the complex and dry humor will be missed. If you have never heard of Sheldon, take a trip to his web site: />
Big training week last week. I’m way behind on my cycling, so I’m trying to get in some extra miles by commuting at least two days of week. I was able to get in on Monday, but Wednesday it was far to foggy for safe riding. Next week will be a big challenge as well, with wind chills below 0 tomorrow, and rain/snow on Wednesday.

I did get almost all the rest of my workouts completed, and I’m suffering today with a really sore body. The week looked like this:

6650 yds swimming, avg pace 1:45/100 yd
76.5 miles, 16.1 avg mph
35.6 miles running, avg pace 9:20/mile

Total time 12:14, 115.9 miles
2 weight workouts, 1 pilates session (2:00 weights, 2:40 pilates & stretching)

I’m pretty tired.