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Quick trip

A quick trip to Tampa FL on business, and now I’m back home. Somehow a quick change of location is all it takes to tilt the universe back into your favor. To whit:

  • My driver got me to the airport in 20 minutes.
  • There was NO ONE at EWR security. I was at my gate within 10 minutes of arriving at the airport.
  • The business end of the trip went very well. We even got to see the server farm where Wikipedia lives.
  • We had a great sushi lunch at a restaurant that also served Conch Fritters.
  • While waiting on my flight home tonight, I was able to reserve a room at the Alpine Air Motel for IMUSA, less than 2 miles from the Olympic Oval (thanks Kurt!).
  • I was able to catch an earlier flight home
  • My return flight hit the ground 45 minutes early. Meaning I landed at EWR before I was originally scheduled to leave Tampa.
  • The snowstorm that was supposed to wallop NJ skipped us by completely.
  • The goodies I ordered from Jenson were waiting for me when I walked in the door.

I suppose I could say that all this was balanced out by the Cowboys loss to the Giants. But I won’t blame the cosmos for that. My team sucked ass…

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  1. Jeremy

    Bold move waiting ’till January to score a room in LP! I remember last year I scoured the hotel scene in LP 51 weeks in advance of the race and it took about 25 tries before I got a room. Congrats!!