The madness that is the Bassett family Christmas is over. This year was a lot easier to deal with than others. I’m not sure completely why, other than I think I just let go and let the ‘joy’ wash over me.

Also, since I was fighting off the last bit of a cold/sinus infection I was too medicated to drink much, and too run down and tired to fight, so I just stayed out of the way.

Gift-wise it was a totally geek Christmas – new TomTom Go GPS and iPod Nano from Mom, (thanks Amazon wish list!) and a nifty Sony GC1 Net Sharing Camera from Weazer. Also lots and lots of DVD box sets (Soprano’s, Firefly, Lost Season 3) to occupy those cold winter trainer & treadmill sessions. Weazer seemed to like her new necklace & earrings, and other goodies I got for her. But the best gift for both of us was just to sleep in late and spend some quiet quality time together before the madness at mom’s house.

Training-wise, this week has been a total bust. I went home sick on Tuesday afternoon, and am just now feelng about 90%. Still a wee bit congested & coughing up a bit. I’m going to skip today’s workout and ease back in tomorrow. My coach just sent me an updated workout, that has the adjusted schedule. I’m really sort of suprised I got sick again, since I just got over being ill in October. I suppose it’s just that time of year again. A lot of people at work out sick over the last couple of weeks.

So tomorrow it’s back on the bike for a nice easy 60 min Z1 spin. Hmm, what do I want to watch?