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Huckabee: Politicization of rape victims’ deaths ‘heartbreaking’ –

Vote for Mike! Hypocrite of the millennium…

Politicization of rape victims’ deaths ‘heartbreaking’ – “‘There are families who are truly, understandably and reasonably, grief stricken,’ Huckabee told CNN. ‘And for people to now politicize these deaths and to try to make a political case out of it rather than to simply understand that a system failed and that we ought to extend our grief and heartfelt sorrow to these families, I just regret politics is reduced to that.'”

Umm dude? The failure of the ‘system’ was 100% your fault. You were governor.
You had the power to stay the release of the scum-bag
You failed to act.
Your fault. Game. Set. Match.

Your God is watching you.


  1. Spandex King

    What a sad state our country is in. There isn’t anybody on either side that I think will change things. It comes down to the Bozo on the left or the Bozo on the right. Sad.

  2. tri.bassett

    100% agree. We have to choose between the ‘evil of two lessers’