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Great week, great weekend

Another great training week, capped off by a fun weekend.

The training was solid. I only missed a part of one workout. On Wednesday morning, during my the bike portion of my brick, my rear tire blew out on the trainer. Since I was training before work, I didn’t have time to change the tire and complete whole workout, so I jumped on the treadmill and completed the run portion. I only lost 25 minutes of cycling time.

Friday’s workout was tough. The 15min Z4 was really hard. I still need a lot of work on mental focus during the tough stuff, in order to maintain form and pace consistently.

As for weekend fun, Saturday night was “boyz night out” so Hootus, Callaghan and I hit in Somerville for Dinner. It’s always a great place to eat, plus we got a GREAT bottle of pinot noir to go with dinner.

Sunday I got a lot of the yardwork done, and we closed up the patio for the season. It’s sort of sad to see all the patio furniture put away though.

Sunday night, Weazer & I went to the Somerset Hills Adult Day Care benefit “A Taste of The Hills”. We went with mom, and one of her sorority sisters who was in town for a visit. It’s always a great event, with tons of tasty nibbles from all of the local restaurants. This year, there was a great selection of wines to taste as well. We got a lot of new wines to try!

Bonus! Weazer once again showed her skill and great fortune and picked up two gift baskets in the drawings. I also won one of the two silent auction prizes.

Gotta love full, fun weekends like this!


  1. Dan Seifring

    Put this in the catogory of stupid questions so here goes.

    What is Z4 workout? This is all kind of new to me and I guess I will see it again somewhere.

    Thank you

  2. tri.bassett

    Hiya Dan…

    Z4 is a heart rate zone. Different coaches use different heart rate ranges for the “Z” zones. My coach, Don Fink, uses 4 zones:

    Z1 = low aerobic
    Z2 = aerobic
    Z3 = “no-no zone”
    Z4 – anaerobic.

    We never do any training in Z3, and the bulk of my training for Ironman races is in Z2. Z4 is used for intervals and other speedwork. These are usually short, near max effort sets with some short recovery between them.

  3. Dan Seifring

    Thank you for the info. I have seen the terms aerobic and anaerobic but your explanation was great.

    Thanks again.

  4. tri.bassett

    Glad to help out. If you want more info on Don’s training programs, I highly recommend his book: “Be Iron Fit”. He’s a great teacher, coach and heck of an athlete in his own right.