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Starting today…

I received my 1st new workout schedule from my coach in almost 10 months. I stepped away from scheduled training in mid-winter due to a short financial “blip” and the feeling that since I wasn’t doing IM in 2007, I didn’t need a coach. As the year went buy in a series of no-training weeks, followed by 5-10 days of intense, frustrating self-led training, I knew that I needed some help.

After watching and volunteering at IMUSA, I knew exactly what I wanted to do for 2008. I wanted to go back and run the same events that I ran for the first time in 2005.

All of them.

And set PR’s in all of them

Talking about throwing down the gauntlet.

And now, dear reader, I will share them with you as a form of commitment. You keep reading here, and I’ll keep posting my progress. Come along for the ride, won’t you?

A: Races:
NJ Marathon – sub-4:00. It’s payback time for the bitch-slap I got from NJM in 2007
Eagleman: 5:15. Previous PR: 5:55 – 2005
IMLP: 12:00-12:30. Previous PR: 13:11 – 2005

B: Races
Giralda Farms 10k: sub-:50 Previous PR: 50:56
Joe Klienerman 10k: sub-:50 Previous PR: 50:25
E Murray Todd 1/2 Marathon: 1:45. Previous PR: 1:55ish
FIRMan 1/2 IM 5:15 or PR – Previous PR: 5:22 – 2005 & overall PR for the 1/2

So there you have it. Some real challenges are in store. The biggest is to be consistent in my training. That starts bright & early tomorrow morning.


  1. TriFeist

    Wow! That is ambitious. Good luck! Can’t wait to follow along.

  2. Jeremy

    Great goals! Let me know if you plan to do an Eagleman recon trip. I’d love to preview the course before race day.

  3. tri.bassett

    Thanks Jeremy. I hadn’t thought about a recon trip to Eagleman. That’s something that sounds pretty cool.

    I’ll have to look into my schedule to see when this would be viable.