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Deet & the Damage done


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This is what happens to a nifty new Garmin Forerunner 305 unit, when you get 100% DEET overspray on the plastic case.

Nice huh?

Makes you wonder what it’s doing to your body after several applications.

I called Garmin to see if I could purchase a replacement case. As it turns out, they can’t sell just the case, but they have to replace the whole unit. Since this really isn’t a ‘warranty issue’ I would have to pay a fee. However, the good folks at Garmin are going to replace the unit, for 1/2 of the normal non-warranty repair charge of $100.


Good news on another warranty repair item. My 2 year old Tanita scale lost part of the LCD display. Turns out that the scale has a 10-freakin-year-warranty! WooHoo. I sent it in a couple of weeks ago, and a BRAND NEW unit showed up today. I just had to pay to ship the sucker back to the midwest.

Well supported products rock my world!


  1. Nancy Toby

    That hurts my eyes to look at.

  2. TriFeist

    And we put that on our skin…hmm…