Deet & the Damage done


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This is what happens to a nifty new Garmin Forerunner 305 unit, when you get 100% DEET overspray on the plastic case.

Nice huh?

Makes you wonder what it’s doing to your body after several applications.

I called Garmin to see if I could purchase a replacement case. As it turns out, they can’t sell just the case, but they have to replace the whole unit. Since this really isn’t a ‘warranty issue’ I would have to pay a fee. However, the good folks at Garmin are going to replace the unit, for 1/2 of the normal non-warranty repair charge of $100.


Good news on another warranty repair item. My 2 year old Tanita scale lost part of the LCD display. Turns out that the scale has a 10-freakin-year-warranty! WooHoo. I sent it in a couple of weeks ago, and a BRAND NEW unit showed up today. I just had to pay to ship the sucker back to the midwest.

Well supported products rock my world!

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