The light & noise show started at 3:37am. Well before my normal early morning wake-up. Next came torrential rains, that sent me outside to check basement window wells for any clogs. Fortunately, the two windows that get a lot of water were clear, and draining well.

At that point I couldn’t get back to sleep, so I decided to work from home today. I got up and got ready to do a weight workout in the basement, instead of heading to the As I get on the Nordic Trak to do my warm up, I notice some dampness on the floor. Upon closer inspection, one of the OTHER window wells had filled up with water, and leaked all over the wall and floor. Naturally, this is on the end of the basement with all the electronic treadmill and CompuTrainer. So I spend the next hour clearing out that side of the basement, moving rugs, fans and dehumidifiers into place and starting the dry-out process.

What fun.

Fortunately, there wasn’t a lot of water, and I noticed it before it had a chance to sit around and get really funky.

So I WILL be headed to the YMCA this morning for my weight workout. Assuming the basement is dry by the evening, I’ll likely do my brick in the basement. Today’s forecast is for mid-upper 90’s and +50% humidity.

No way I’m doing the 1:30 bike/:30 run in a sauna.