Today was one of the great spring days, where training and life intertwine and lead to something wonderful. After a leisurely breakfast, I jumped on the MUSS and headed to the YMCA for an upper body workout. I felt really good after that, so I hopped on the treadmill for a quick 30 min Z2 run.

When I got back outside, the weather was so spectacular, that I ripped off my shirt to grab a big dose of vitamin D, and headed out for a few more miles on the MUSS. I stopped by a friends house to chat, and noticed that everyone was out in the yards working, or walking, or cycling or just hanging out.

I got back home after about an hour total on the bike, feeling better than when I started. So we broke out the patio set, powerwashed and scrubbed the chairs, set up the trellis and plants, and cleaned up the back and front gardens.

Just about the time I’m finishing up outside, Mom calls for some help cleaning up her basement. Not wanting to give up a minute of time outside today, I jumped back on the MUSS and pedaled over to Mom’s for a couple of quick chores.

On the way back it occurred to me that I’ve put in a pretty good set of low-level aerobic work, with a bit higher-HR stuff, and some full-body lifting. A few years ago this much activity would have sent me to the Advil for a week, now I’m buzzing along on an endorphine high, smiling from ear to ear, with a soft-pink glow on my skin.

Damn, it’s good to be an athlete.