I found the ‘7 Habits’ a bit hard to comprehend.

Hard to read, difficult to fully “get” and requiring a great deal of work to effectively implement in my life. So when I see other stuff by “The Stephen” I usually run off to a quiet room to read each sentence, and contemplate on the meaning.

Such was the case when I saw the recent Forbes series on “Work-Life Balance” and the lead article is by “The Stephen”. I took my laptop to a quiet place.

Imagine my surprise when I’m hit with an article of such sobering clarity that it feels like I’ve been shot in my forehead by diamond bullet…

class=”mainarttitle”>Work-Life Balance: A Different Cut

Many people simply conclude that they are not disciplined enough. My response to that idea is that it’s usually not a discipline problem at all. The problem is more often that the person has not yet sufficiently paid the price to get very clear about what matters most to them. Once you have a burning “yes” inside you about what’s truly important, it’s very easy to say “no” to the unimportant.

I’m sending this article to my boss in the morning…