Today’s long run was 2:45 Z1-Z2. I knew that I’d need to run 16-17 miles, so I headed out to do a “lake loop”. This route used to be a favorite 60 min bike ride. I’ve done this loop enough to know exactly where I need to be at any point on the bike. I’ve never, ever done any part of it on the run, but as I chugged along, I started to figure it out.

“I’ll get to Far Hills in :45”
“I’ve got to get to the top of the hill on Willow by the halfway”
“I need to be make the turn onto Liberty Corner Rd by 2:00”

I hit some, but not all of the time marks. Still it ended up as a GREAT run. Scenic, low traffic and challenging. Everything one wants in an early spring run. Plus, corned beef dinner cooking when I got home. BONUS!