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Digital Domain – Zero-Liability Policy Protects Bank Customers From Phishing –

Back in the day, my bank wanted to charge me a fee for online banking.  Within a couple of years, they wanted to charge me a fee for talking to a human.

Now this.

Domain – Zero-Liability Policy Protects Bank Customers From Phishing –

I’d like to charge our anointed leaders with a dumb-ass fee.   Bob Mueller?  Falling for a Phishing Scam?  and his wife knew was a scam from his verbal description of the event?


And they wonder why a couple of losers sneak in to see the Prez…

Shooting up Clorox…

Or “what day is it?”

This CISSP class is killing me. By the end of each day, I feel like I’ve done a tri. Maybe not an Ironman, but at least a 1/2. My head is jammed full of computer security topics, facts, trivia and test prep questions. My ass hurts from sitting in a crappy chair, my stomach hurts from eating crappy food, and my back hurts from sleeping in a crappy bed for a week.

But the class content is absolutely first rate. Our instructor (Steve Kalman) is outstanding. He has a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience both in the IT and security industry, has a JD and many years teaching IT certification exams. Just the BEST type of instructor one could ask for.

So while the accommodations aren’t the best here at Fernwood, the Camp people, and instruction make up for it.

Yesterday was the final class session. We all went back to our villas with a 100 question practice exam made up of retired questions from the CISSP exam. We all thought it was easier than some of the prep questions in the prep book or our student handbook. When we came back at 6:00pm, we ran through the answers. Turns out I scored a 91! (and high score in the class to boot!). That really set my mind at ease.

Today was a full 7 hour review session. Tonight I’ll go through at least one more full exam in the Transcender package and then get a good night sleep.

Tomorrow is ‘race day’…