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1 Picture a day

I’m a bit behind on the pictures, but I’m still trying to grab them and upload here.

On Tuesday I decided to drive in over my bike commute route with the specific intent that I would get some better opportunities for pictures.  As I crested the I-78 overpass the sunlight had just lit up the entire western valley with this spectacular early morning light.  However

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, by the time I got the car safely parked and jogged back to the overpass, the moment had passed.  On my way back to the car I did capture the eastern sky, but it’s not as spectacular as the western view just moments before:

Eastern winter sunrise

So I think that the thought that goes with this post is to always be open to wondrous sights, events and opportunities.  They will roll on past as sure as the sun rises.

1 Picture A Day

..which is starting out to be two pictures a day.

During my 5mile run in the cold-cold air this morning, I got to thinking how much I’d rather be riding my MTB.  Then I remembered that the Ibis is missing its boingy-boingy Mojo, front & rear due to a routine visit to the orthopod:

Mojo Sadness

When I got home I forgot all about my MTB dreams today, until I thawed out (thanks to Weazer’s 3-Alarm Chili!).  So when I went down to snap a shot of the forlon Ibis

, I found enlightenment from my cat, Jaco:

The Reclining JacoHe was napping on the top step because the basement door was closed and he was temporarily locked downstairs.  Not long enough to complain

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, but just enough time for a quick nap.

Which lead me to the thought for the day.  Be at peace with where you are.  If you are running in the cold, embrace the moment.  when the MTB is working, ride the bike, and whenever possible, nap no matter what!