A big deposit in the training bank.

Last week I went up to Lake Placid to train on the course.  I had planned this as a major jump in my training volume, as the run to the last 4 weeks for IMLP70.3 and 8 weeks to IMMD.  The plans called for all MAF-heart rate training, even on the long climbs, on the run and the swim.  I was also testing a Stryd running power meter, and sorting out nutrition timing.  Oh, and simply enjoying the vibe that is Lake Placid in the weeks leading up to a big race.

Fellow TeamNRGY member Stacy was also joining me.  Stacy was coming off a medically-forced 7-week layoff and wanted to jump back into training for IMLP.

The weekend ended with over 100 miles of swimming, 16 miles of running and close to 3 miles of swimming.  Also one of my highest TSS loads ever.  What was most interesting was it was all at an easy MAF rate, and the cumulative load doesn’t feel that much.  While I was running Sunday with the Stryd, I hadn’t figured out how to display HR on the Stryd display on the watch, so I was going by feel.  The run plan was to stay at MAF, but allow it to drift a bit higher on the River Road rollers.  If I felt like I was pushing too hard on the flats, I went to nose-breathing to force myself to slow down and stay in MAF.  Seems that it worked, because I was well below max MAF for the whole run, except on the hill “pushes” and quickly dropped after each effort.  I was feeling so good at the end of the run, that I went ahead and pushed the gas down and just ran hard for the last 1/2 mile.  That effort, while not impressive by most pace standards, was a solid effort and I’m pretty sure I could have held it for a good bit longer.

Today (Monday) I’m taking as a rest/refuel day, but will be back at the training tomorrow.

This weeks training includes a 100+ bike ride on Saturday and a NYRR race (France Run 8k) on Sunday.  Sunday’s race will include my usual “jog the course warm up” but I’ll also do a third loop after the race to bump distance up to about 15 miles for the day.  Warm-up/cool-down loops will be at MAF, but I’m planning on running the 8k at 1/2 marathon pace.  This should be an interesting experiment.

As I mentioned above, I’m playing with the Stryd power meter.  No conclusions yet, other than it is a relatively new unit, and I’ve had some issues setting it up and getting it working.  That seems to be resolved now, so we’ll see how it behaves going forward.

I’ve also been using 2XU running compression shorts.  Where have these been my whole life?  I’m coming off my long runs feeling much less sore, especially in my left ITB where I normally have issues.  I’m not sure I can run in anything else again..  Love, love, love these.