Just a quick update to note that my blog is now SSL enabled.  While I don’t take any sort of payments and don’t have a lot of stuff to protect, as an infosec professional I think it’s important that ALL websites use SSL encryption.  So in the spirit of eating my own dog food, I went through the process of updating the site to SSL.

Any by “going through the process” I mean I simply opened a ticket with my AWESOME hosting provider HostingMatters.com and they took care of all the details including splitting my two sites (gbassett.com and ratchetupfitness.com) into separate IP spaces, tweaking the sites to get the permalinks to use SSL, running down and resolving a cpanel bug and keeping me continually updated on the progress.  My involvement was simply to test out the sites.

I’ve been a HostingMatters.com customer for a very long time and I have had rock solid service, and simply the best customer support.  In fact, they provide better customer support than just about any other service or product that I’ve ever used.   I can’t say enough good things about this company!